Monday, May 07, 2012

Announcing SlackHacks

Today, i wanted to announce SlackHacks, my new repository at GitHub that contains updated SlackBuilds script that i modified to work with Slackware-Current. Some of them are scripts from SlackBuilds Project, but they have newer version and it's working on -Current (which may have different toolchain such as GLIBC and GCC). They also contains several other contents, such as translated SlackBook and SlackBasics in Indonesian language and also some simple bash scripts.

This SlackBuilds repository is more like a simple hack to help Slackware-Current development by providing and testing some SlackBuild script so that they will be ready when next Slackware is released. The content is not permanent as they will be removed once the same version has been published in SBo project or in the Slackware tree. I will just continue to work on newer version that might need some time to get into Slackware or SBo projects.

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