Thursday, May 03, 2012

Planning to Migrate to Windows 7

My desktop at home has been running on dual boot (Windows XP and Slackware) for almost five years and i think it's time to start a clean installation of Windows 7 to replace XP (Slackware will not be changed at all).

I rarely boot to my XP and when i do, most of the case, i only perform an update to the OS itself and also to the applications that i installed on that machine.

Today, i boot to my XP and i guess it's getting slower and slower (probably due to 5 years without being reinstalled even once), and i can't stand it anymore. I need to get this problem fixed, so i decided to upgrade to Windows 7 after this semester ends.

I have burned Windows 7 64 bit which i got from MSDN AA along with the official serial numbers. I have also prepared ArchLinux CD to help me restore LILO after Windows 7 installation will definitely replace it with it's own loader. Let's hope nothing breaks after migrating to Windows 7.

I still have to backup lots of things on my C partition. Luckily i never put too much data on that partition. Everything is placed on other partition.

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