Friday, May 18, 2012

Mandriva Handed Over to Community

After struggling for some time, finally the executives of Mandriva has given their final word about the situation that has been unclear due to their financial condition.

They finally took the decision of transferring Mandriva Linux distribution to an independent entity that can ensure that this distribution can still goes on without the company that has been working on this distribution since few years ago. It's almost the same situation that Red Hat took in the past when they created Fedora but the difference is that Red Hat still on a good track in terms of financial status.

Since it has been turned over to the community, the decision about the future of this distribution will not solely made by Mandriva, but now it's handed to the community. Unfortunately, most of their developers has forked Mandriva into Mageia and they are now preparing to release Mageia 2 this year. I wish that they could be merged together to produce even better Mandriva experiences.

Mandrake (previous name of Mandriva) was my first Linux distribution that i used around 2002. It was a simple, easy to use Linux distribution at that time. I liked it a lot and i even contributed to the translation project and i got a VIP member at Mandrake Club at that time, allowing me to download the Power Pack edition of Mandrake which offer more packages than the normal releases.

If there wasn't any problem with Mandriva 2005 that couldn't be installed on my laptop, i would never met Slackware and probably i will still be using Mandriva as my primary OS.

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