Saturday, May 05, 2012

Major Releases

Today, two major open source project, KDE and LibreOffice releases updates to their products to public, KDE 4.8.3 and LibreOffice 3.5.3. Both are maintenance release, so don't expect new features implemented on this release, but it will contains bug fixes and translations updates.

KDE will be updated one more time next month and then KDE developers will shift the mainstream release to KDE 4.9 which is planned on August.

Meanwhile, LibreOffice 3.5 will be updated until 3.5.6 (scheduled for October), but the next major release will be available around August. It will give time for users to test LibreOffice 3.6 and if they are not ready to migrate yet, they can still use LibreOffice 3.5.x branch until October and at that time, LibreOffice 3.6 will reach 3.6.2, which is usually relatively stable for public usage.