Saturday, May 26, 2012

How i Perform Untethered Jailbreak on iOS 5.1.1

I posted yesterday that i would wait for a couple of days, but this morning, i just performed an untethered jailbreak to my iPad 1. I just can't wait for too long when the tools has been ready and updated and the method is SUPER EASY to do.

OK, here's how i do my untethered jailbreak. This works on my iPad, but i can't guarantee that it will work on your iDevices. Make sure you have make a backup of your data before proceeding.
  • Download the latest Absinthe releases (2.0.1) for Windows, Linux, or Mac
  • Pick the correct method for your devices
  • On my case, it's iPad 1, so i pick the second link
  •  Make a backup of your device
    • Right click on your device name under the ‘Devices’ menu and click ‘Back Up’ on iTunes
  • Remove all your data and settings. This will make the jailbreak process much faster.
    • Settings – General – Reset – Erase all Content and Settings. 
    • Don't worry about the data if you have performed the back up process earlier
  • Extract Absinthe 2.0.1 and launch absinthe executable. This will close iTunes. That's fine.
  • Wait until the jailbreak button becomes available and your iDevices firmware version has showed up. Make sure it's already in iOS 5.1.1.
  • Click on the Jailbreak and let the magic process begins. No need to enter DFU mode again manually. Let the Absinthe do the work for you :)
  • Once completed, you can restore the settings and apps again from iTunes using the backup earlier
    • Right click on your device name under the ‘Devices’ menu in the left panel of iTunes and click ‘Restore from Back Up…’ then select the latest backup you created before
    • Some "pirated" applications might not be able to be installed / synched at this point. Just sync the apps you purchased legally
  • Open up Cydia and wait until it finishes preparing the filesystems and reboots your device
  • Open up Cydia once again and let it download the repository packages
  • On my case, i added two additional repository
  • I installed iFile, OpenSSH, Installous, AppSync, and Hackulo Security (plus all the dependencies)
  • Reboot your iDevices (optional, but i just wanted to make sure)
  • Re-sync with iTunes and now, all of your apps (including the pirated one) can be synched perfectly
If you have upgraded to iOS 5.1.1 previously and have a tethered jailbreak, you can switch to untethered by using Rocky Racoon on Cydia.

I would like to remind you to purchase the applications legally in AppStore since applications that exists outside App Store is not tested by Apple and you are on your own when having problems with third party applications. It's also our way to give credit to the author of the apps.

Thanks to all jailbreakers who have provided this SUPER DUPER EASY tool to perform a jailbreak and tested it on almost all iDevices.

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