Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Final Project

I recently started a new season, which i hope this will be my last year of my study majoring Computer Science (or Information Technology) in my college. In order to graduate, there are some conditions that have to be met. The first is total credit that i have collected must be 144 or more. The second is you must pass final project by defending it in front of the lecturer's that are responsible to test the final project. Of course this include some administrations and it involves some money.

In October, there are a change to propose my final project title but until now i'm still confused with the final project that i want to do. My first idea is rejected today when i consult with Mr. Volker Mueller from Deutch and i tried to proposed another title, which was a system that could generate RSS or any other RSS based format from any news site, just like MyRSS. He agreed with this project with some notes and advices on the project, such as statistics and some simple search engine. I picked this project since nobody has started a project like this before and it's quite new technology that hasn't been discussed deeply in my college, so i guess there a big change for me to be granted with these project. I hope that in next October i can propose a good proposal and they agreed with my project. Wish me luck :)

Any help would be appreciated hehehe....

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