Thursday, August 12, 2004

Freeduc, GNU/Linux For Education

Tommorow, UKDWNET Club will conduct some kind of demo using GNU/Linux. There will be 2 demos in our plan, which is GNU/Linux Installation (Using Mandrake or perhaps Red Hat 9) and the other is Freeduc Demo. Hopefully, this demo will inspired many new college students to use GNU/Linux as their primary operating system in their computers, since until now, many college students didn't know about GNU/Linux's ability to perform a great stable, secure, and simple operating system.

As the GNU/Linux installation may be common to some poeple, the Freeduc demo that will be our primary demo, using Freeduc Live-CD, based on Knoppix (which is also based on Debian) will amaze many people, since they neved had that experience before when using another operating system besides GNU/Linux which is Live-CD. It means that you don't have to (but you can in some distro) install the operating system itself in your harddisk. The operating system will run from CDROM and it will be resident on the RAMDRIVE as long as you're playing with it. This means, that you could use this distros to perform a demonstration or as rescue CD to perform a rescue operation whenever you had problems with your other operating system. It also means that you don't need any harddisk to run this operating system, with side effect of it's slower when compared with operating system that was installed.

Freeduc itself was a distro that was built by OFSET (Organization for Free Software in Education and Teaching) by cooperating with UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) that was intended for Educational purposes. If you want to see it's history, please refer to It has so many educational application on the CD, so it was a perfect distro to support education, which until now always uses commercial application. This will help so many education institution who can't afford buying those application.