Saturday, August 28, 2004

IOSN (International Open Source Network)

United Nations has build a new organization that has a function to promote OpenSource and Free Software around the Asia Pasific area called International Open Source Network (IOSN). This organization is under UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) that has a function to promote "free software" (note : this is different with the term Free Software above). Join IOSN.

The IOSN is producing a series of primers on Free/Open Source Software (FOSS). The primers serve as introductory documents to FOSS in general, as well as covering particular topic areas in greater detail. Their purpose is to raise FOSS awareness, particularly among policy-makers, practitioners and educators. Their products includes ATutor and SchoolToop.

For now, i have joined the organization and also ATutor project. I want to translate them into Indonesian Language, so it would help many Indonesian people who wants to use ATutor and having some trouble with English Language. Hope this project can run as soon as possible and many people will join me to develop this project.

Long live OpenSource and Free Software

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