Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Gaim Sound Contest

My favourite IM player on GNU/Linux Platform, Gaim was intending to perform a sound contest that will search for the best sound and will be integrated in the next release. This contest is a great idea, since Gaim lacks of great sounds, and they were originially from AOL's initial release of TiK, so they intended to change it. They invited all sound engineering and also gaim users to create a new fantastic sound and send it to There's no deadline yet, but they will decide on one depending on many submissions they get.

Are you a good sound creator or music composer? If you are, then start creating your creations and mail them as soon as possible. Maybe your creativity will help OpenSource Development, since Gaim is one of OpenSource application that was released with GNU Public License (GPL).

Can't wait to see another Gaim release with new sounds :)

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