Monday, August 09, 2004

Mandrake Linux 10.1 Beta 1

Finally, MandrakeLinux had updated their latest version of GNU/Linux distro into 10.1 beta 1. There were so many updates in this version, including kernel, KDE, GNOME, Mozilla, OpenOffice, and of course the Xorg as the replacement of X Free86 which is so buggy.

There were so many changes in this version, such as /install directory instead of Mandrake/RPMS. I hope this changes will not affect the upgrade process in the official release later :)

I was wondering why didn't Mandrake releases newer version of kernel but still stick to the default kernel version that was launched with the release version, but hopefully, they did update their kernel package, even though i didn't pretty sure about the update was the latest update or just some bug fixes in that version only.

Well... if you're true Mandrake user, try this version.
Download it at

Have fun

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