Sunday, August 29, 2004

HotSpot, New World of Wireless

As Intel Corporation launched their new processor named Centrino a few months ago, they unofficialy announced that they would already support Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) standard totally. This means, Intel will produce more processors that support Wi-Fi standards and many notebooks or laptops would integrate Centrino into their package. This also means that many people will find browsing in the Internet lot easier than ever before. People do not have to go to Internet Cafe or any other commercial places, but they just need some place called HotSpot.

Hotspot is an area which you can connected into the Internet with wireless conectivity. Many place around the world have build places like this in many area, such as cafe, hotel, restaurant, and also public area, such as park. Unfortunately, this fenomena haven't influence many vendor to do the same way in Indonesia. There are only a few hotspot that we can use in Indonesia, especially on the luxurious places, like hotels and cafe around Jakarta. There also some college who has build hotspot, just like Bina Nusantara and Pelita Harapan University. Students can brings their notebooks and surf while waiting for their class or having lunch at the cafetaria.

Hotspot totally is the new world of wireless, but it can't be enjoyed by public people for now. Maybe we still have to wait for several years before Indonesia build better infrastructure for telecommunications and Internet connectivity. For now, just use our traditional ways to access Internet.

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