Friday, August 27, 2004

First Task

In my first week, i got two task from my lecture. Both of them are the same task, which is finding an articles, but with different subjects. The first task was looking for a robotics applications and the second one was about ethics. This was the only task for the relevant subject (robotics experimental and profession ethics). Because i don't have any other task or activity to be done, i thought it was a good idea to finish this task as soon as possible so that all the task would not getting more and more as time flows and all lectures are giving tasks for each major.

I can find the articles from any source (magazines, newspapers, and of course Internet). I picked up Internet, since it contains numerous information, including robotics and ethics. First of all, i didn't have any reference where to find such articles, so i opened up Google, the famous search engine (see my last blog for short information about Google). I entered "Robotics" for the keyword and i got what i need. I picked AutonomousSolutions as my subjects for the articles, since it's product was extraordinary. You can see it yourself.

There were several products that available on the website, and i got a little confused when i have to decide which product i got to pick, but finally, i choose UVIS (Under-Vehicle Inspection System). It was a great systems that could help many security officers to detect dangerous items, such as bombs when hidden under the car. It's device was so small (32 Cm tall and 5 Inch in diameter) and not too heavy (about 9 Lbs or 4.5 Kg) so it can pass through any car or bus. It has two cammeras (horizontal and vertical) that were able to send video streaming via wireless connectivity to operator via a vest which was designed to be wore by the operator.

After a few minutes of writing the articles in Indonesian language, i made some sketch to help me visualize how the devices works on the next presentation on the class. Finally, the first task is done and i will move into the second task. Hopefully i got a full mark for this task. Wish me luck :)

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