Sunday, August 22, 2004

RSS, New Style For News Addicted User

As new format available, there will be new style for everybody. One example of this style is RSS (Really Simple Syndication or RDF Site Summary) which is based on XML format. Moreover, RSS is a dialect of XML. All RSS files must conform to the XML 1.0 specification, as published on the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) website. RSS also considered as a Web content syndication format, especially to perform headlines for news site, like LinuxToday, Slashdot, LWN, etc.

Right now, there are three version of RSS, which are 0.91, 0.92, 1.0 and 2.0. You can view their specification at W3C's website. Each version is used until now, but you should use the latest version which has more facility and compatibility among all RSS readers. For Windows platform, you could use FeedReader and in GNU/Linux platform, you have plenty of options, but i prefer to use Liferea (Linux Feed Reader), an OpenSource, lightweight RSS Reader. If you don't want to install any other application, you can use Mozilla's Extension which can help you to improve Mozilla or Firefox's capability.

RSS is so simple, powerfull, and also usefull. No wonder every popular news site use this format to enable their reader to view their headlines via RSS Reader without visiting their website. They will visit the site if the reader want to see the complete articles. This will save bandwidth and also time for the reader, because they can pick which articles they want to see rather than see bunch of useless articles for him/her. If you have website with some news, but you can't make any RSS based on the specification, try to use RSSCreator. This is a PHP class that can be used to create RSS version 0.9, 1.0, and 2.0, OPL, ATOM, MBOX, etc. (Credit to Jaya for the URL).

If you are true News Addicted User, try this RSS and you will not regret it. Consider it as an express way to get updated with the latest news and articles. There are so many RSS icon on websites that provide RSS Feed. Get them all now.


  1. Tapi, diblogmu ini, kok ndak ada link RSSmu, will??;-) yah, aku sudah tahu kok cara "ngintip" situsmu ini tanpa buka browser...

  2. I'll add the RSS link as soon as possible
    thanks for the comments :)