Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Welcome Blue Ray

We already know that DVD (Digital Versatile Disk) standard have been considered mature, but we also know that there are so many different format, like DVD-RAM, DVD+RW, DVD-RW. There format were not compatible each other in their first release, so many people was confused to buy which player, since some player can not play another format besides the format that it supported. This fenomena made many people decided to wait until there were some player that was compatible and able to read other format. Well... finally some vendors started to release their latest drive which can read some and some of them can read them all without no problems at all. At their, the capacity that DVD disk can hold was up to 4,7 GB on single side, and 9MB on double side.

Right now, there will be another new standard that were born in a few days ago. This standard will soon replace the old standard, since it can hold 5 times more than the old standards with same price. These standard were been approved by yhe Blue-Ray Founders, a group which consist of Sony, Phillips, Thompson, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, etc. It is called blue ray since these standard makes use of blue ray, instead of red ray, that was used on the old standard. This new format will able to save up to 25 GB on a single side and it is intended to save high definition video. New devices, such as DVD player, computer DVD drives, and software that are compatible with blue-ray standard is predicted to come out by the end 2005. Until then, maybe we should delay our intention to buy another DVD rom devices and wait for the next standard.

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