Tuesday, August 10, 2004

WinXP SP2 is NOT for public consumtion!!

Finally, Microsoft launches their latest update for Windows XP (Service Packs 2), but unfortunately, this update was not intended for single or personal user, but rather for IT managers and developers who works on networks. It was a big update, since the size of the package was approximately 272MB. It is not recommended for home user, since A smaller,
more appropriate download will be available soon on Windows Update. Yes... another Windows Update, and you will be forced using IE as the default browser to access the Windows Update website.

Some people rather to delay the deployment of Service Pack 2, and they prefer to see other people opinions who had use Service Pack 2 and feel the difference. This is normal for me (since i do this too..), since updates doesn't always fix something, but sometimes they deliver more problems than we expected. For now, it's better to wait until there will be some reports from the popoular website, such as ZDNET that states Service Pack 2 is ready for public consumption.

If you want to learn more about Service Pack 2, visit http://go.microsoft.com/?LinkID=781871, or maybe you want to find support resources and answers to common Windows XP Service Pack 2 questions and issues? Try to visit http://go.microsoft.com/?LinkID=806850.

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