Wednesday, September 29, 2004

3rd OpenSource Project From Microsoft

After releasing the first two program into Open Source, which was Windows Installer XML (WiX) and Windows Template Model (WTL), these days Microsoft launched their third OpenSource project, called FlexWiki in SourceForge. FlexWiki is one of the most used software to build Wiki. Wiki is web pages that was desaigned to include many topics, where its users can create or edit the contents. Wiki comes from Hawaian languange, that has similar meaning with fast.

It is uncommon to look at Microsoft's behaviour, since they keep saying that OpenSource is a bad idea (at least that was said by it's CEO, Bill Gates in his tour). Eventhough the code that was released is not their major application, such as Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office, this is a big step from Microsoft to try learning how OpenSource community gain powerfull application and support from their users around the world.

The first two application was recorded as big five in Sourceforge most favorite projects and has been downloaded for more than 20000 times (WTL) and 100000 times (WiX). For the third apps, it will soon appears in Sourceforge's website. Just wait and see for yourself in the next 1-2 weeks.

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