Thursday, September 30, 2004

Jogja Linux User Group

After a few months the webserver that handles Jogja Linux User Group has been down because there were a clash in the hosting provider between and angelnetworkz, finally the website has been up again and you can view it from It's not a great website, but rather a Wiki-based system, build with Word Press. It was built using WP since we don't have time to build a new system. Maybe in the future, we will add the real homepage for the website.

If you want to find out about KPLI's activity, please visit this site and you will found a lot of information about our activity. You can also sign in to give a comments on our posting. You can't post a message until we grant you the privileges, but you can mail me or Jaya to promote yourself. We can't guarantee that we will give you those privileges, but we will try to convince ourself to give those to them who asked for it.

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