Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Robotical Experimental

I'm taking a new subject, robotical experimental and it is a great class, since i learn a lot about robot and it's component, such as actuator, transistor, and a lot of things related to robotics. In the next semester, there will be a new subject that continues this subjects. I don't know what will the name be, but for one thing, is will be related to embedded system and also assembly language. Geezz... it is a cool subjects.

The lecturer has gave us a task to find an article about robot application and all of us has to give a short presentation about the article was talking about. I presented UVIS (Under-Vehicle Investigation System) which can be used to detect dangerous items, such as bomb from below the car. It is a commercial product made by AutonomousSolution Inc. You can also see the UVIS page.

GNU/Linux can be used to build embedded system, just like the one created by Eko Bono and was published in InfoLinux, a monthly GNU/Linux magazine. It is interesting, because up to now, people always think that GNU/Linux just can be operated in the PC (Personal Computer), but the reality shows us that GNU/Linux has more ability than just a stable, secure, robush server or desktop operating system. It can planted as an embedded system as well.

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