Saturday, September 04, 2004

Order SP2 to receive bugs?

Microsoft Inc is making a great progress on delivering an update for Windows XP called Service Pack 2. Few weeks ago, they were only downloadable from their website, but right now, you can get your SP2 in many ways. I think that Microsoft is trying to reducing the bandwidth usage since SP2 is approximately 200 MB and maybe larger. It has not count any other downloads, such as patches, Windows Media Player 10, DirectX 9.0c, and Office's updates.

In this weeks, Microsoft has tried to deliver more SP2 to their customers in Japan by using Japan's post office. They are ready to deliver more than 1 million copies of SP 2 around Japan. Meanwhile, another approach is done by providing an online form that you can use to request Windows SP 2 in the form of CD and Microsoft will deliver them free of charge within 4-6 weeks. For Indonesian user, you can order them via Microsoft Indonesia.

While Microsoft announced that this updates will fix numerous bugs, many vendor are suggesting their clients to delay the deployment of SP 2, since it can cause more trouble than getting a happy, stable, safer Windows version. Some people said that this updates still contains some bugs which should never appear after installing SP 2.

I have ordered the CD and in 4-6 weeks, i will receive the updates, but i won't install it before i'm sure that this update will not force me to reinstall my Windows. I didn't order SP2 to receive more bugs!! Maybe we should wait for another updates from Microsoft regarding glitches on SP 2.

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