Thursday, September 09, 2004

Liferea Again

Maybe you are bored with another liferea entry, but i'm not. Today, i'll publish good news rather than bad news since i've managed to start Liferea again with help from my friends Jaya. He wrote some hack to start up liferea in his box and he managed. I tried that method also and this works. Finally i can read RSS Feed again with Liferea capability.

By the way, here is what Jaya wrote in his blog (In Indonesian Language):

Di Debian, versi liferea saat tulisan ini dibuat baru 0.53b. Versi terbaru adalah 0.53c. Jadi aku coba install dari tarball. Mozilla aku uninstall, aku hanya menggunakan gtkhtml untuk html renderingnya. Untuk dapat meng-install dari tarball, maka aku butuh library development gtkhtml2, yang di Debian bernama libgtkhtml-2-dev.

Ketika proses ./configure aku mendapatkan pesan sebagai berikut:

checking for GtkHTML2 support... yes
liferea 0.5.3c

Build Mozilla Plugin............ : no
Build GtkHTML Plugin............ : yes

Use X Session Management........ : yes

Jadi library development buat gtkhtml2 sudah dikenali. maka tinggal make dan make install. Namun ketika coba dijalankan:

Mozilla is not available...
Available browser modules (/usr/local/liferea/lib/liferea):
No browser module configured!

** ERROR **: Sorry, I was not able to load any installed browser modules! Try the --debug-all option to get debug information!

lho, kok kaga dikenali? Isi dari /usr/local/lib/liferea adalah:


Dari situsnya liferea, jika menggunakan Mozilla, maka akan ada library * Jika menggunakan library gtkhtml2, maka ada library * Dari direktori diatas, adanya libhtmlg, yang tentu saja untuk gtkhtml2. Hmm, jadi kurang .so nya. Aku coba dengan menggunakan symbolic link:

link -s liblihtmlg

Aku coba jalankan:

Mozilla is not available...
Available browser modules (/usr/local/lib/liferea):
-> GtkHTML2 (
No browser module configured!
trying to load browser module GtkHTML2 (
Use of deprecated SAXv1 function endElement

Voila! Sukses

After reading this, i tried his method to make a symbolic link to create and it worked. Thanks Jay :)

After starting up Liferea, i found that this has been posted in the Liferea Forums which was posted by Lars, the original writer of Liferea. It says "if you have problems with the 0.53c source tarball please run autoreconf --force or before building the source. i've build the tarball with automake 1.4 and the install scripts seems to install the html rendering module libraries without the .so extension. When the program is run it cannot find them without suffix." In his email (i asked this question to him), he said that it was his fault of using the old automake to build the scripts.

So the problem solved and everybody is happy :)

btw, Lars has posted the latest Liferea version which is liferea-0.60test1. which includes bugfix and vfolder supports. You can download them at

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