Thursday, September 16, 2004

Lot of Updates From Mandrakesoft

After few weaks without any updates at all from the RSS news, finally Mandrakesoft have release some minor updates for their vulnerable application, such as XFree86, libxpm4, cups, apache2, gdk-pixbuf, printer-drivers, and squid. And also, the RSS works once again. Thank goodness :)

This release was quite a bit late, since many other distro have released their updates before Mandrakesoft did, but it's ok, as long as they released their updated packages to prevent some glitch happened in their user's computer, such as buffer overflow, rooting, or unstable conditions.

If you are interested with Mandrake's updates, please visit Mandrakesoft Security Advisories. This pages also contain link to kernel update instruction, End of Life Product Support, and also Advisory RSS Feed for those who don't have much time to visit their website often, but rather sit down and watch from the Liferea or any other RSS Feed Agregator like i do.

I'm still hoping that Mandrakesoft will release a new critical packages, such as kernel without waiting for a new release, because newer kernel usually contains an updates to some problems on the old kernel. Until now, usually Mandrakesoft only release packages when they release another version and stick with it until they publish another version.

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