Tuesday, September 28, 2004

GIMP is closing to Adobe Photoshop

As you can see, Adobe Photoshop has become the standard application being used in Windows and Mac Platform to create or edit sophisticated images with an extraordinary filters and tools that was built to help users get what they intended to. Yes.. it was a great applications. I have used it since it was 5.5 and right now, it has released CS (stands for Creative Suite, a replacement for 8, i presume).

One thing that Adobe Photoshop users have to face is the price. It will cost you more than US$500 to get only 1 copy of the Adobe Photoshop and it doesn't include cost which have to be paid if you want to download third party filter or plugin to enhance your Photoshop apps.

Although they give you a great features in every release, i think that Photoshop has reached it's maximum capabilities, since it already has included all tool and facility on their latest CS version. I doubt if there will be an upgraded version in short time, since Adobe Photoshop always release new version with some new tool and filter. I'm just hoping that in the newer version, it will include a better PNG filter.

This fenomena is contrary with GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) which has just released their latest stable version 2.0.5. GIMP is full of updates and bug fix in their release version and always include more filter or plugin in their release. You can also make your own filter if you want to, but it requires you to read some manuals and scripting languange.

One thing that i hate about GIMP is the floating toolbar. It doesn't stick at one playce, just like the Adobe Photoshop, but in the other hand, GIMP has included some script to create an instant banner or button images with a single or double click and there you go... your instant products :)

GIMP is also available in two version, Windows and GNU/Linux, so you can try it before you migrate to GNU/Linux. It is an extraordinady application build by the OpenSource Project.

Go Go GIMP.....

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