Sunday, September 26, 2004

Jogja Linux User Group

After a few weaks i can't join the Jogja Linux User Group meeting, finally i can meet my friends in the last meeting that was held this morning. It was a quick meeting (maybe about one and half hour, but our usuall meeting was more than two until three hour). Today's meeting discussed about our events that will be held in 9th of October. It's a demo and a seminar about Wireless Technology (2,4 GHz) that will present Dr. Onno W. Purbo, an IT expert that really support Wireless regulation should be freed and released to public, rather than controlled by the government.

We split task to deliver and put the announcement in our college so other people will notice the events and hopefully they will join in the events, because it's a great events. This events will use Windows and GNU/Linux as the main platform. I hope that this events will be successfull and there should be an advanced progress about Wireless Technology implementation around Jogja :)

I'm looking forward to see you guys in the next meeting :)

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