Sunday, September 05, 2004


I have just reinstalled my Mandrake yesterday and everything goes well (with some bugs but i have fixed them, even though it was a serious bugs that often happen in KDE applications, mostly in KNotify which somehow always crashed everytime i reboot my computer for the first time after the installations). There were some minnor bugs that i think that should never appear (such as computer freezing when logging out from XWindow or after lilo screen finished displaying all the messages), but you know, this was human made and humans made mistakes, so it was forgiven. Besides, nobody pays you for your patches for Linux kernel and applications. They did it as volunteer to OpenSource projects.

Every applications has been restored as it was (not quite good to say restore, i mean reinstall) and every data has been restored (now this is correct). But still there are one big problems that i haven't solve it yet, which was Liferea installations. It was compiled smoothly, but after installation, it won't started and saying that there were no browser modules. I asked Lars, the author of Liferea, and gave me one solutions, but after i tried that, Liferea still won't showed up :(
I have installed all the requirement, such as GtkHTML2, GConf2, libXML2, and Mozilla, but still haven't find the right solutions for now.

Liferea is a Linux Feed Reader which its main function is to fetch RSS feed and display them in the applications. It was a great applications and i recommend it as your primary RSS Reader applications. I personally enjoyed using Liferea, but i suggest that there should be an improvement on the installations instructions, since it was quite confusing (especially if you have never installed Liferea before). I also hopes that Liferea would be included as the default packages that comes with other packages in a big distro, such as Fedora, SuSE, Mandrake, or Gentoo.

Any help with Liferea installations would be appreciated :)


  1. Gentoo ada.
    Weh, tg 5 september katanya baru ke 0.53c. Karena debian unstable baru 0.53b (meski aku update kemaren malam), mungkin saatnya mencoba install liferea sendiri memakai library gtkhtml;-)

  2. sometimes, try another adventure using source code rather than depending on the apt-get :)