Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Will it be GBrowser?

Just as i thought before, Google will try to develop more and more sophisticated technologies, and will not stop. After releasing GMail, that eventually became a new era of webmail services, according to New York Post, Google will launch a new browser to compete with Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Bot it will not browser alone, but with some other products.

This moment is worth to wait, since IE has been dominating browser's market, but ironically, they are the most vulnerable browser around the world. People already know that. This fenomena that makes Mozilla's product, such as Mozilla and Mozilla Firefox became safer alternative rather than sticking with IE to be our default browser in our computers.

They have hired four people who worked on Microsoft's Web browser, Internet Explorer, and later founded their own company. One of them, Adam Bosworth, is credited with being a driving force not only behind IE, but Microsoft's database-management program, Access. Most recently, Google grabbed Joe Beda, the lead developer on Avalon, Microsoft's code name for the user interface that will part of the next version of Windows, called Longhorn.

What will it be? I can't wait to see the final result. Will it be GBrowser? or any other names? Let's find out in the next 1 year :)

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