Friday, October 01, 2004

Compiler Task Uploading Problems

I'm taking a compiler class this semester and i have 2 task to be done in order to get full mark. The first task is identifying legal REAL constant in PASCAL. I have finished and you can view it on my students website. It was in Indonesian language though. The system that i built was using PHP and PERL C Compatible Regular Expression and it was quite a good system (in my opinion, but you can mail to give me a critics about how the system works).

I prefere PHP rather than any other scripting language because PHP has a great built in functions that was designed to work faster than any other web scripting language. Once of the most usefull function in PHP is regular expressions, that is widely used on many website to perform a string or input checking and validating it. I used that capability to scan the input through textarea input and if it qualified the pattern, it will start validating, noting which input are legal and not.

But the problems starts when i want to upload it to my lecturer's website. He demands that the project is uploaded into his website and should be compressed in ZIP format. I have done that but the system is unable to receive those file and saying that it wasn't a ZIP format. I sent messages to my lecturer and notify him that there were problems, and he responded well. He fixed the problem, but unfortunately.. more problem come. The database is unable to update and he is too busy to update his website. Deadline for the upload will be at 9th of October, but i hope that the system will be fully functional in these week.

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