Thursday, October 07, 2004

First Exam

Few hours ago i have to face my first of two exams this semester. Today's exam was robotic experimental. I was quite nervous, since it was my first exam, but i could manage that and overcome my anxiety. I'm just hopping that it would resulted in good mark.

My next exam will be held on 11th of October. The subject is Compiler. I'm preety sure about this exam, since i have learned some of the materials last semester, so i think it wouldn't be a big problem for me to do this test next week.

In the other hand, i'm still confused with my final project proposal. After writing this blog, i will continue to write my proposal, since my time is running out and i only have 9 days left before i have to submit my proposal, otherwise i have to wait until next March to propose another proposal. Wish me luck :)

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