Sunday, October 10, 2004

Preparing for Final Project

I have send my proposed final project to my lecturer to be editted before i submit it officially. My proposed final project will be reviewed by Volker Mueller and hopefully he aggrees with the title. I'm looking forward to receive his reviews in this week, since i have send my proposal last saturday via mail.

I have started to prepared myself for my final project. I started to download a few spesification from W3C about CSS, HTML, XHTML, RSS XML, XPATH, and also XSLT. I have bought several book in order to accomplish my final project. Yesterday i just bought another book when i visit Gramedia book store with my girlfriend. It was XHTML, written by Chelsea Valentine and Chris Minnick. It's an old imported book, so i can bought it with a rather cheap prices. In the other day, i have bought the latest book from Eric Meyer : "More Eric Meyer On CSS". It's a great book which cover CSS in real-world projects. You will see how Eric Meyer created great design by only using CSS. Hopefully in the next few week there will be another good book i can buy :)

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