Monday, October 04, 2004

The Sims 2 : Major Upgrade

Few weaks ago i have head that EA games will be launching their latest game called The Sims 2. It is an update for The Sims which was very succesful games for the simulation category. It has so many expansion pack, such as vacation, livin large, hot party, and many other packs that enhanced the original version into a fabulous pack of Simulations Gaming.

I wonder what will be that game? I'm imaginating that it will the same as the previous version of The Sims. Yesterday my cousins bought The Sims 2 cds and today i have installed in my computer. It has and advantage by buying that CD. You don't have to download the latest DirectX from Microsoft, since the game has included it as a bundled because it needed that version in order to The Sims 2 can be running well. I have tested and it runs well on my computer, and it's no so slow as i expected, since i have enough memory to play this game.

My first impression about this game was fantastic. It is a major upgrade from the first The Sim. It has so many new ability, jobs, more detail textures, and a lot of objects collection, and the list is getting long enough to be written here. you should try it by yourself. You will not regret if you buy this game, since it will help you simulate your life better.

You will encounter many new aspect of game character that is extraordinary. It became closer to real life and you could think it as it is you in the real life. Not like the old Sims, here the character can grow up and become old. There are also elder character, but i haven't seen it yet.

You can start the game by creating your new family, or by finishing the story line (some sort of campaign in the RPG game). It is so interesting, but i suggest that you should learn a lot of basic things first before you start your story mode, since it is harder to play rather than the first Sims

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