Thursday, October 14, 2004

Service Pack 2 Fulfilled Microsoft's Promises

Microsoft, via it's security program has declared that they will focus on security problem in their roadmap by launching many tools related to security, such as Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer which can analyze your system for vulnerability and connect to their headquarter to download the correct patch. The newest of their invention was Service Pack 2 for Windows XP which was launched few months ago.

It was a huge update for Windows XP which was intended to fix major security problems existed in many computers running Windows XP and Windows XP SP1. I have installed the SP2 pack and it was a great success. The new security flaws dropped to zero when i checked into WindowsUpdate (except for only a small update for Microsoft Virtual Machine that i ignored).

This months, Microsoft has announched their monthly security updates for Windows which can be found in Windows Security Updates for October 2004 page. There were 9 fixes, majorly for Windows and also IE (Internet Explorer), but only 1 updates for Windows XP that already installed Service Pack 2 on their system. It is a good news, since the new Service Pack is working and fixes many security flaws. I hope Microsoft will pay more attention to security problem before they release their product in the future. I also hopes that they will release another Service Pack for another Windows version, such as Windows 2000 and Windows 2003.

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