Friday, October 29, 2004

Tokyo Love Story ... 12 Girl Band

I attended music class today and the lecturer was playing 2 kind of video, Kitaro and 12 Girl Band. It was interesting and also boring entertainment. Kitaro was the first video. The first show was quite good. I can enjoy it, but when it comes to the third song, ohh... i'm getting sleepy and finally i slept for about 10-15 minutes, before the lecturer switched to the second video, 12 girl band.

The second video was great and entertaining. It was a band consists of 12 girls that came from China. They performed classical music instrument to play some songs, inclusing classical, western, pop, and Japannese song, which was Tokyo Love Story's soundtrack (i forgot the title, but it was good). When the lecturer switched to the next track and skipped the Tokyo Love Story, some of the students protested and after the current track finished, the lecturer decided to reverse the video and played the Tokyo Love Story soundtrack. It was a good song, and i didn't expect that most students knew that song. It was an old movies, but it was fantastic.