Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Debian 3.0r3

After a long wait, Debian Linux has released their third stable version, called 3.0r3. This is a good news for all Debian users, since they never get their version updated as often as other distros. Based on the version numbering, it is obvious that Debian rarely released their stable version. The good news is, they have done it now.

Debian categorize their packet into three categories, stable, testing, and unstable. All new packages goes to unstable first and after a moment, they will be transfered into testing category. This process will continue for a long time before they eventually became stable version. No wonder why Debian is known as one of the GNU/Linux distro that was considered old enough if you don't have any Internet connection, because Debian was using old packages as their stable version. In 3.0r2, they only use KDE 2.2.x and also kernel 2.2.

If you have Internet connection, Debian is a great distro, since they had a huge repository that includes all new packages and if you are paranoid, try to burn all Debian's packages into CD and you will find that Debian's packages are more than 15 CDs. Debian's apt-get is a great package management (or maybe the best, equivalent with Gentoo's emerge tool).

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