Saturday, October 16, 2004

Judgement Day is Over

Today i have to defend my final project proposal with the lecturers that in charge to give me some questions about the project that i will developed next semester as my final project. We call this is a "kolokium" day. There were 40 students applied for this day and today there were 20 of them that was called to defend their final project. We are divided in two groups, depending on the category that we picked.

The kolokium is planned to start at 9.00 AM, but it was started at 10.00 AM. Each students would have 10-15 minutes to defend their project in front of the lecturers, but some of them spent more than 20 minutes inside the judgement room. It was a boring day, since i got number 14, and i can come in at 13.00 (i don't remember exactly, but i was called after the lecturers were having their lunch and finished on one of my friends.

It was kindda nervous just before i entered the room, but suddenly all that feelings were gone after i stepped into the room. I put of my bag and got my proposal out and waiting for any questions from my lecturers. Amazingly, I only got 1 questions and i have finished the kolokium day in less than 5 minutes, a record in my campuss :)
i was so happy to hear that they accepted my final project (this was same as i expected because some of the lecturers didn't know well about my final project. The only person that know my final project has read my proposal before and he agreed. He didn't asked more for this time).

This day, there were only less than 5 person that it's final project was accepted (only for 2001 class), which was me, Alphone, Fanny, and Sang Tu. (as far as i know). They that didn't pass this day may propose another proposal next month and they will have their third change in December. Good luck guys.

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