Monday, October 18, 2004

Back to campuss again

After two weeks fighting with exams (i only had two of them), finally i'm back to campuss again to study and prepare ourself for our final test which will be held next December. It will be on the first and second week of December and in the middle of December, we will be able to finish this semester and enjoying our vacation and preparing for the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

The first class that i attend this morning was Compiler class, which was discussing about simple compiler implementation in real world programming language, which was PHP, the most famous server-side scripting language ever created in the world, invented by Rasmus and maintained by the OpenSource Community. In the end of the class, the lecturer gave the result of the mid test, and i scored 25.5 out of 30. It was good enough, but i'm still dissapointed, since i missed some small and simple question. I can have more than 25.5 if i was little bit carefull reading the questions.

In the evening, i got into CCNA class which discuss about cables, but i didn't pay attention on it, since i was busy downloading flash player that was required to see the materials but it wasn't installed on the computer. The connection was bad, so i couldn't got it fast, but finally i could manage it.

Tomorrow i have no class to attend, but i will go to campuss to meet my friend and borrow his CD. I also have to pick up my girlfriend and drop her at campuss. Well... this is my first day after the mid test....

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