Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Upgrading Java

Today i downloaded Java 1.5 for Windows in my campus and it finished in about 1 hour (because the lab was empty and i'm the only person for about 1 hour before another people came and the connection started to dropped). I also download some other program, such as PHPMyadmin-2.6.0-pl2, Microsoft's newest update for Windows XP SP2 (this was a monthly updates released by Microsoft).

I tried to upgrade my Java from 1.4.2_02 into 1.5 by uninstalling the previous version and started to install the new one. I also reinstall OpenOffice to reflect the changes that has been made to Java. Accidentally, i forgot to change the default directory for the Java installation. I usually put them in C:\j2sdk<java-version>, but this time, i put them in C:\Program Files\jsdk1.5.0. I have to change all of the PATH, CLASSPATH, and JAVA_HOME variable to reference to the new installation :(

Maybe later i will upgrade My Linux. I haven't upgrade them, although i have downloaded Linux version of Java several days ago. Upgrading in Linux is much much simpler and smoother, because you just write rpm -Uvh j2sdk1.5.0-linux.rpm and the process will be automatically, without uninstalling the previous version. you still have to update your PATH, JAVA_HOME, and CATALINA_HOME variable (the last variable is used when you install Apache Tomcat in your computer).

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