Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Second Heart Attack: Robotics Test Result

Tomorrow, i will attend robotics class. This will be the second heart attack, since the lecturer will give our results from the last mid test exam. I'm not quite sure that i will get the best mark, but i'm also pretty sure that i can get more than 80% of the maximum score. The exam was quite difficult, since it was an essay and it has a lot of materials to memorized. Maybe it was the only subject that has so many material this semester for me.

After the mid test, we will discuss more about sensors, especially a sophisticated sensors. Before the mid test, we only discuss the simple sensors and also a simple implementation for the programming, using NQC (Not Quite C). It was a simple programming language, derived from C or C++ and it was specialized for programming robots, like we did in the lab. Here is one example of NQC syntax to move the robot forward for 4 seconds and then reverse for 4 seconds and then stops the engine:

task main()

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