Friday, November 05, 2004

Book Fair ... No... Book Store

Yesterday, i was planning to go to book fair with my girl friend, but somehow, my girlfriend's friend who was actually became one of the sales promotion boy on one of the book stand sent my girl friend an sms notifying that the whole place was used for a church concert and he advised us not to come to the JEC (Jogja Expo Center). We agreed and finally i decided to go to book store, Gramedia with my girl friend.

We looked at the third floor, where the books were located. First floor was used to sell various items, such as sports, sellular phones, computer items, toys, bags, etc. Second floor was used to sell office and education items, such as pencils, pen, notes, cards, etc.

I was one good book from I Made Wiryana called "From Germany With IT". He was considered as one of the main fanatic supporter for OpenSource development. He is studying in Germany right now for his Doctor degree. I want to buy it, but after a while i decided not to buy it, since it wasn't a technical book, just his thought and he viewed it from managerial aspect.

After finishing our book session, we ate at Mister Burger and having some ice cream. Next we went to book rent to rent some comics book. I rent Dandoh, a golf comic book.

Finally, i want to write this blog yesterday, but unfortunately Blogger was down so i decided to write this today and post it as yesterday :)

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