Thursday, November 25, 2004

New Mozilla and Firefox Updated Roadmap

Mozilla Foundation have updated their roadmap for their two mainstream products, which are Mozilla and Mozilla Firefox. The Mozilla Foundation is planning a Mozilla 1.7.5 release for mid-December. This update will include all the checkins to the 1.7 branch since Mozilla 1.7.3 was released in September. It's intended to provide a Mozilla Application Suite milestone that features a virtually identical Gecko version to Mozilla Firefox 1.0. You can join the Mozilla's talkback if you like or if you prefer to read the full article, please refer to Mozillazine.

For Mozilla Firefox's roadmap, there are several version of roadmap. Here are the roadmap press release by Ben Goodger:

We are planning for a Firefox 2.0, but will divide the planned work over (at this point) three major Milestones, 1.1 (March 2005), 1.5 (unscheduled) and 2.0 (unscheduled). All development work will be done on the Mozilla trunk, and these releases will coincide with Gecko version revs.

For full information about the Mozilla Firefox's release, please refer to Mozilla's Firefox Roadmap. You will find additional information, such as Mozilla's goals, localization, marketting, and branding issues regarding to Mozilla Firefox 2 roadmap.

One good news related to Mozilla and Firefox is Mozilla's browsers global usage share is 7.35 percent, which is a good score for now and i think that this score will keep flying until Microsoft launches their new browser, which will be in Longhorn's release (probably 2006 if there aren't any delays). You may find this information from OneStat

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