Thursday, November 18, 2004

Indonesian Setup Guide Updated

Few days ago Scott Carr, the curent maintainer of Documentation Project released an update for the master document for the Setup Guide in documentation-developers mailing list. I joined this mailing list since i joined the Documentation Project and right now i'm the current maintainer of Indonesian Documentation Translastion Project.

I haven't update the Indonesian Setup Guide for a while (a year maybe) and i have the responsibility to update this documents. So i downloaded the latest version of the master documents and started to update the Indonesian version. It seems that the documents have changed a lot since my last updates. Some screenshots have been replaced with Linux's version of and the StarOffice's screenshots were removed for clarity since this is's documentation, not StarOffice. Few commands have also been replace to reflect the's method of installation.

One of the biggest changes in the Setup Guide project is the current maintainer. When i joined this project, the current maintainer was Derek Dreger and now he didn't maintain this project anymore and was replaced by the Scott Carr. I don't know why but i must say to Derek that gave me a lot of information so i could joined this project as my first experience joining an OpenSource project.

I have submitted the updated documentation to Scott, but it seems that it uses some screenshots from the previous master document so i have to update them along with the screenshots as well. As you read this, the Indonesian Setup Guide has been updated and it will be posted on's Documentation site on Setup Guide section. If you are looking for an updates, here is your change. Go get the files and have fun with

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