Sunday, November 14, 2004


In the last two days, i got unpredictable updates from OpenSource application. Yesterday it was Gaim who updates to 1.0.3 and now it's Liferea. After launching their first 0.6.x version, Liferea has a VFolder support and it's quite stable enough in 0.6.1. And now it's time to updates to 0.6.2 to get a stabler version of Liferea. This month, Lars is planning to do some code cleanup and also bug fixes to prepare the first final release that is scheduled by the end of this year, that means next year. In the final release, it will be equipped with documentation so you don't have to be online to read the Liferea manual or FAQ.

Unfortunately, until now Lars haven't updates his website, so you won't see any updates available right now. If you want to update your Liferea, you can directly go to Download Section and you will see this updates. Have a nice weekend with updates from Liferea and Gaim :)

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