Sunday, November 28, 2004

Database Comparison

Are you looking for a new database products? If you are, then you should see this article first. It discuss about database comparison, based on their feature. This article was published by MySQL AB, a company who made MySQL, an OpenSource, powerfull, robust, and most popular database application in the world.

crash-me is a program that automatically detects the limits and capabilities of an SQL DBMS. It is also our input reference for the MySQL benchmark program. At MySQL, we have worked very hard to make crash-me as fair and accurate as possible, but there is always a possibility that a particular test will fail for a DBMS -- even when that DBMS has the capability it appears to lack. We are always willing to correct this as soon as it is brought to our attention. Note that some tests may fail because the DBMS in question does not comply with the SQL Standard (SQL:2003) or ODBC 3.0 requirements. In such cases, we regard this as a failure in the DBMS.

We plan to add as many tests as possible to the crash-me program. But you may find that we do not test for some DBMS-specific function or capability in which you are particularly interested. If this is the case, please let us know, and either try to patch the crash-me program yourself or provide us with an example so that we can add the necessary test.

Note: The crash-me table is normally generated from DBMSs started with default parameters. If this is not the case, the fact is noted in the comment row. Some detected limits may also be configurable, OS dependent, depend on the Perl DBI driver, or depend on the license of the DBMS version used.

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