Monday, November 08, 2004

Expat, Sablotron, PHP and XSLT

Yesterday i compiled PHP from source code and it worked, but it left me with one problem that i haven't been able to solved yesterday, which was the XSLT module that couldn't be installed or activated. When i was using RPM version of PHP, it was just fine since i only have to install php-xslt packages, but since i'm using source code packages, i have to manually reconfigure the source code to give the module that i need.

In general, XSLT modules requires Expat and Sablotron for their backend XML parser. I have downloaded the latest version of Expat and Sablotron today and i will try the process maybe in the next few days since i have to do other task, which is finishing my reports before next thursday (it's not mandatory but sooner the better, since i will have more time playing with my Linux box).

Yesterday i tried to enable XSLT module by adding this parameter on the configure script: '--enable-xslt' '--expat-dir=/path/to/expat' but the configure script couldn't locate the path where i installed Expat. Maybe i should add another parameter: '--with-xslt-sablot'.

Anybody has an idea about this?
Any suggestion will do as long as it's related

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