Friday, November 12, 2004

POP3 On Gmail

For you who loves downloading and reading emails using POP3 (Post Office Protocols), you might have disappointed since GMail, the free 1GB webmail from Google doesn't provide that protocols, so you will have to login to their website and read them online, just like Yahoo! (exception for Local Yahoo!, such as Singapore, Australia, Germany who still ofered their POP3 opened) and the other webmail services.

But time has proven that Google cares about their consumer's wish. One of the main wish is access to POP3 protocols and also Forwarding services. Google has just announced that they will add this facility, but i'm not sure when will it be realized. If you visit the About Gmail site, you will notice that they have released this facility, but if you log in into your GMail account, you can't find any setting about POP3 and SMTP.

If you visit the GMail Help Center, they have published a new help page, called POP > How do I enable POP? and they have also published a simple howto to enable your POP3 Access, but still i can't find it on my GMail account.

Finally i can get the answer. Look at the bottom of the page and you will see the answer. Well... here you are: We're rolling out POP access to all users in phases. Once it's available to you, a 'Forwarding and POP' tab appears on your 'Settings' page. You need to have this tab in your Gmail account before you can configure POP in your mail client.

That means, not every user can find this tab in their GMail account for now, since they give them in phases. Just wait and keep logging in to your GMail account and when you have your POP3 tab, start POPPING down your GMail account :)

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