Friday, November 26, 2004

CCNA Exams

Yesterday i have finished one of my subject that i took on this semester, which is CCNA. I had my final exam yesterday and it was difficult, since the Internet connection was pretty bad at the beginning and it has a lot of material to be covered. It had eleven modules and there were 55 questions that should be answered. We only got about two hours to finish the exam, but i made it before the remaining times reached 0. In the grade exam, i missed 19 questions, so i made 74.4 and it was enough for me to get A grade since i passed over 85 which was the minimum requirement to get an A.

My final test will be held next week and there will be three test that i should take, robotics, compiler, and ethics plus one presentation about my project. I hope everything goes well and i can finish this semester with higher grade. Tomorrow i will do a presentation about ethics for my ethics subject. This is my last change to do the presentation, since there will be no other change.

My ISP is down for the last two days, so i couldn't send any email from my ISP account, so i have to use another ISP to get connected with my other friends. I hope this will only last for today and tomorrow, it will come back to normal again, since the other ISP cost much much more expensive than my original ISP.

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