Tuesday, November 23, 2004


In the next few hours (two and a half for exactly), i will demonstrate my project to my lecturer in my faculty. At first, i'm planning to discuss my reports with my lecturer, but it seems that i haven't demonstrate my works up until now, so i guess it's the perfect time to do that. I also need his signature to fullfill the minimum requirement to perform a final presentation which requires six signatures (and i only got three so far).

One thing that i hate is that i have to bring my own computer and that means i have to unplug all the cables and replug it again when i got home later. I also have to adjust my monitor settings since i'm using 1024x768 resolution with 32 bits in depths, and also 85 hertz for my refresh rate which should be out-of-range in my faculty monitors. I'm planning to bring my own keyboard and mouse, so that it won't load any additional driver and that would cause a longer operational time.

Just wish me luck and i get my demonstration goes well today.

I made the presentation session goes well and nothing bad happened. I finally fulfill my signature requirement, since i got three signature today because yesterday i supposed to meet up with my lecturer, but he was busy and i still get the signature. It's time to update my reports since there are still minor revision. I also have to prepare for the final presentation at 8 December 2004.

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