Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Playing Old Game

I usually never play a game on my computer during my study unless when holidays or there is a game which attracts me, such as The Sims 2 that i want to try. But, right now, i'm a little bit bored, since i have done all my task and i only have to wait for the final exam and a presentation on my field work. So i just fill my daily activities with reading ebook or blogging as usuall.

When War Craft III came, i bought the CD and i have played it until i finished the campaign. After that, i uninstalled the game, so it won't fill up my disk space. Yesterday, i decided to install it again so i can play it at my spare time such as now. I'm looking for the expansion pack: The Frozen Throne. I used to have it installed on my computer, but i forgot who lend me the CD.

War Craft III is a splendid game, evolve from War Craft II which i have played before. It was a great game and the best Strategy game i ever played for. It has great graphical environment with lots of goodies that can be found at their websites, such as WallPapers, Trailers, etc.