Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Download YouTube Videos

So.. you found an interesting video in YouTube, but you cannot download them and watch them locally. What will you do? You will have to find a way in which you can download them right? Well, the solution might be Youtube-dl. It's a python-based script which can be used to download the videos directly from YouTube into your hard drive and you can watch them locally. The only requirement of this script is only installation of Python 2.4.x or newer. Once you have Python installed, you are set to go.

Here are the usage instruction taken from the original site:
Use youtube-dl followed by a video URL. Example: youtube-dl "". The video will be saved to the file foobar.flv in that example. As videos are in Flash Video format, their extension should be flv. In Linux and other unices, video players using a recent version of ffmpeg can play them. That includes MPlayer, VLC, etc. Those two work under Windows and other platforms, but you could also get a specific FLV player of your taste.

Here's the screenshot on my initial testing: