Monday, November 13, 2006

Email Obfuscator

Nowadays, spambot are getting smarter and wilder. They harvest many email address from public site and sending spams all over the world with unwanted messages. Suppose we have a running website which sometimes displays an email address and we don't want to have them harvested by the spambots. What can we do about that? There are several ways to solve this and it's up to you to decide.

- Using images (most of case are using GD library)
- Use added words, such as (
- Use replaced text, such as (user(at)domain(dot)com)
- Use space between text, such as (user at domain dot com)
- Use email obfuscator

Talking about email obfuscator, there're several application which use this to protect their email address to be harvested. It's quite effective since the text will be converted to an equivalent hex value, thus the same result will be displayed on the browser but it will not be the same text the spambot wants when they view at the source. You can try to look at the implementation of email obfuscator by looking at Alicorna.

WP also have Obfuscate email plugins which automatically convert the email address into the obfuscated email address.

Here's the example for my email address will look like if being translated to obfuscated version: