Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Living Without Anonymity

There will be no net anonymity in Brazil soon if the bill proposed by Senator Eduardo Azeredo (PSDB-MG) is being approved. What a nightmare it will be. I wonder what will people react if this kind of bill is applied in every country, including Indonesia? I don't think there will be a freedom again in Internet. Well, it's too paranoid i think as it's very very complicated to force every people to give their personal data just to download something.

From this blog, you can see some consequent of this bill:
This bill, if passed into law, will require every ISP to store each connection performed by a user for at least 3 years.

If approved, it will be a crime, punishable with up to 4 years of jail time, to disseminate virus or trojans, unauthorizedly access data banks or networks and send e-mail, join chat, write a blog or download content anonymously. The bill states that every user must fully identify herself before using the Net, with full name, current address, phone number and the equivalent of the Social Security Number. To access the Net without providing this information, or to give false information, will also be a crime.