Wednesday, November 08, 2006

.NET Framework 3.0 Arrived

Windows Vista is being planned to be released this year and it will include .NET Framework 3.0 which has just been released. In this page, you will find detailed information about .NET Framework 3.0 which is considered a "additive" release compared to .NET Framework 2.0 so every application that was build using 2.0 will be fully working with the new .NET Framework. BUT if you use .NET Framework 1.x version and wants to upgrade to .NET Framework, it's best to look for changes in 2.0 that might break your application.

This version includes some new features such as:
- Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF, formerly code-named "Avalon")
Provides classes for building next-generation smart-client applications that combine UI, documents, and media.

- Windows Communication Foundation (WCF, formerly code-named "Indigo")
Offers a unified programming model and runtime for building service-oriented applications.

- Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)
Offers a programming model, engine, and tools to build workflow-enabled applications that model business processes.

- Windows CardSpace (formerly code-named "InfoCard")
Provides a technology for simplifying and improving the safety of working online with personal identity information.

- Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
Enables productively building Windows and Web-based applications.

This new version will only be available for this OS:
* Microsoft Windows XP Home or Microsoft Windows XP Home Professional, with Service Pack 2 or later.
* Microsoft Windows Server 2003 family with Service Pack 1 or later.


  1. Ini nih websitenya kalau mau download ...

  2. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Sudah download kok dan bisa dari situsnya MSDN langsung, tapi thanks sebelumnya :D